Wow what a wonderful day!

Well I have to say as a Manager today has been one of the most memorable days I have had since returning from Maternity Leave and I’m relieved to say it’s for positive reasons. Today we held a “meet and mingle” session to informally introduce our newly appointed staff team to each other and our existing team. What a fantastic bunch we have assembled. Such a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience and expertise and some truly lovely personalities, some of whom we’ve been fortunate to work with before. Only a few hours in and we already have a great vibe and that all important staff banter that we’ve always enjoyed here at Rush House. I am sure we will formally introduce our new team with a team photo in the near future but in the meantime I just want to welcome each and every one of them to Rush House. We are so very thrilled to have you all on board and very much look forward to working with you all. With that comes a thank you to the current staff team for taking time out of their day to come and meet their new colleagues and share their knowledge and experience, such a lovely way to get things started.


As a Manager there are highs and lows to working in this arena and all that comes with working with vulnerable clients, particularly in the sometimes fragile voluntary and community sector. Today was definitely a high. Not only did we welcome our new staff team, but my colleague Steve and I were invited to Rotherham branch of TK Maxx to receive a cheque on behalf of Rush House. As anyone who’s involved with a small charity will tell you, invitations like this are few and far between and are always gratefully received. Not just for whatever donation is coming, but more that you’ve been thought about…..that somebody somewhere in that organisation has picked your charity out of the many worthwhile charities and organisations doing great work with some vulnerable and needy groups. Imagine our absolute shock and delight to be handed a cheque for £1000!!!! Words cannot express how grateful we are to TK Maxx and how lovely it was to meet Jill & Robert who presented the cheque. A huge thank you to everyone involved and particularly to their staff member Jacky who nominated Rush House. It means so much to be thought of and recognised, we look forward to inviting you in to see exactly what impact your kind donation has had on our offer for vulnerable young people.


Signing off one happy and contented Manager!

Lisa R

Rush House refurb – not quite a 60 minute makeover!!!

So we have been busy at Rush House over the last few months, taking the opportunity to refurb our accommodation and get it looking fresh and welcoming for new clients. Our staff have been working incredibly hard to coordinate all the work that has gone into decorating, re-carpeting and clearing out our Bedsit accommodation and dispersed houses (we have a few more to do to complete the project).

We have been really fortunate to work with some fantastic local businesses including Signature Floor Coverings Ltd who have done a fantastic job re-carpeting and adding laminate flooring to our accommodation. Also a big shout out to Dave and team at SAS Waste Management Services who have been clearing properties and provided a great service.  Regency Blinds have provided some beautiful blinds for our refurbed properties. We could not have achieved what we have achieved had it not been for the efficient and friendly services these businesses provide. Today we have SYHA in doing some work in our Bedsit accommodation to tie up the loose ends before we can start dressing the rooms and unleashing Pat’s vision for a more modern and colourful look to our rooms.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been up to.

refurbed dining roomLounge