Rush House Awarded 2 Grants

Rush House have successfully had 2 grants awarded this week:

Eastwood Village Legacy Grant Fund

Rush House and Clifton Learning Partnership have been successful in securing a small grant from the Eastwood Village Legacy Grant fund to jointly undertake a pilot project to begin addressing some housing issues in the Eastwood Village area. The grant will be used to offer a housing related support service to tenants for a 6 week trial period of 4 hours per week. We will be looking at what the main issues are (from a tenant’s perspective) and working with RMBC selective licensing teams to try and address the issues. We will also begin to get the views of tenants and residents as to what they see as the answer to some of the issues being faced by living in Eastwood village.

This partnership approach will be entirely complimentary to the work already being undertaken around selective licensing in Eastwood. It will build on the skills and experience of Rush House in delivering direct support to tenants and the skills, location and experience of Clifton Learning Partnership in engaging and working with the local community – especially migrant Roma communities. We hope that the pilot will provide an evidence base that will support future collaborative projects and funding applications.


Austin Hope Pilkington Trust

Rush House have also been awarded a small grant from the Austin Hope Pilkington Trust that will enable us to deliver more group sessions to our residents with the focus being on ‘Staying safe’.

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